3 Pack of Airflo Tippet Tactical Fly Fishing CoPolymer 9' Tapered Leaders 4.8lb

Pack of 3 Airflo Tippet Leader Tactical Fly Fishing CoPolymer 9′ Tapered Leader 4.8lb.

Manufactured to provide clean crisp turnover. Airflo’s Tactical Tapered Leaders are extruded from advanced copolymer for the perfect balance of
strength and suppleness.

Each leader is tapered to Airflo’s exact specifications to help you present your fly effectively in any situation.

The strength of this hi- performance co-polymer is incredible for its diameter and its exceptional consistent knotting makes it a reliable choice.

With a density is far lower than fluorocarbon making it a perfect choice for surface presentations.

You will receive 3 Tapered leaders.

  • 4.8lb (2.2kg)
  • 5x Diameter 0.148mm
  • Length 2.7m (9ft)

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