4 of Each Pairs Little Hotties Hand & Toe Warmers Fishing,SKIING,Walking,Camping

4 of Each Pairs Little Hotties Hand & Toe Warmers 
Ideal For Fishing. Walking. Camping. SKIING and many more.

UPTO 8 HOURS OF HEAT for the Hand Warmers.
UPTO  5 HOURS OF HEAT for the Toe Warmers.

You received 4 pairs of Hand Warmers &
4 pairs of Toe Warmers.

Quality products designed for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to keep warm longer will appreciate LITTLE HOTTIES HAND & TOE WARMERS.

Ideal for fisherman. dog walkers. hikers. lolly pop people. hunters. golfers. skiers. campers the list goes on and on!!

An odourless. environmentally safe heat source that provides warmth and comfort in all cold conditions.
Each Little Hotties Hand warmers provides up to 8 hours of pure heat.
Manufactured using 100% Wind Power.
Safe. Natural Heat. Air Activated. No Odour.
Average activated temperature is 57 Degrees C (135f).

Little Hotties Hand Warmers can be used by athletes. outdoor enthusiasts. sportsmen. spectators. skiers. construction workers – IDEAL FOR MARKET STALL HOLDERS. CAR BOOT SELLERS & anybody who wants to keep their toes warm.

After use Little Hotties can be disposed of in household rubbish as the ingredients are environmentally safe.

OPEN IT: Remove the pouch from the plastic wrapper. Do not open the cloth pouch.
SHAKE IT: Mix and activate the contents by shaking for a few seconds.
STUFF IT: Place Little Hotties in an enclosed area such as a jacket pocket or gloves to maximise heat efficiency.

Comes complete with easy to follow instructions.

Free postage to all UK addresses


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