6 Hair Rigs (1 PACK OF 6) Greys Prodigy BT-X Bitefinda Hair Rigs 14" Long

Greys Prodigy BT-X Bitefinda Hair Rigs


You will receive 1 PACK OF 6 HOOKS (6 tied hooks).
Please select size from Drop Down.

These versatile 14 inch long rigs feature the ideal hair length to present a wide choice of drilled baits perfectly just ahead of your hook.

The robust black nickel barbless hooks are tailor made for hair-rigging, having outward leaning eyes, wide gapes, long beaked points and a compact nature.

Each hook size is expertly tied to well-matched, medium strength low diameter line and these rigs are finished with a small attachment loop. Ideal for all hard pellet orientated float, feeder and bomb tactics.


  • Supplied with free Prodigy Bait Stops.
  • Tied to medium strength low diameter line
  • Six expertly tied 14 inch hair rigs
  • Custom made barbless hair-rigging hooks
  • Rigs cover float, feeder or leger tactics
  • Supplied in a neat storage wallet
  • Includes 3 free strips of Prodigy Bait Stops


      Code                 Hook Size            Length      Diameter          Breaking Strain


10              14"           0.185mm           6.5lb/2.94kg


12              14"         0.185mm             6.5lb/2.94kg


14              14"         0.165mm             5.5lb/2.49kg


16               14"         0.165mm            5.5lb/2.49kg


18               14"         0.150mm             4.5lb/2.04kg

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