Airflo FORTY PLUS 40+ EXTREME MiniTip Float/Intermediate Weight Forward Fly Line

Airflo FORTY PLUS 40+ EXTREME Specialist Weight Forward Mini Tip Float/Intermediate Fly Line  

RRP £44.99!! 

Code SD40-WF-F/I-IV/SR

 “Cutting edge flylines – only from Airflo”

Length: 41yds/123ft/37.3m

Sizes Available (Choose from drop down):

  • WF6F/I
  • WF7F/I
  • WF8F/I

Designed to make us all look like hero’s, the FORTY PLUS lines are Airflo’s most popular distance
With a hefty tip diameter and modest head length they help people of all skill levels achieve more distance and help turn over bulky flies with easy.

If you plan to cast all day and want a line that will give you more distance with less effort, look no farther.
The 40+ lines have a condensed head that quickly transitions to the running line to make shooting line easy.

With a long front taper and short rear taper, FORTY PLUS lines have been recolonised as one of the best
Switch rod lines on the market. Switch rodders take note: the 40+ unique taper excels in all environments.


  • Patented dual layer polyurethane construction
    improves line performance while offering longer line life, UV resistance,
    and chemical resistance (DEET proof).
  • Ridged construction for reduced friction in
    the guides and easily cleaned as the ridges run the length of the line.
    Ridged lines are easier to grip when casting and setting the hook and also
    resist tangling on the deck of a boat.
  • Low stretch Power Core for improved line
    stability during cast, less line memory, and positive hook set.
  • Dual tone colour provides a visible change at
    the running line for improved casting control.
  • Long front taper for single hand and Switch
    rod applications.
  • Supple coating for cold to moderate
    temperature performance.

Choose between having just the fly line or fly line with braided loop (comes
with sleeve also) or why not have a fly line, braided loop (comes with sleeve)
and 100yds of 18lb backing line!

Free Postage for all UK addresses.

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