Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Weight Forward Fly Fishing Line Sink Di7 Colour Black

Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Weight Forward Fly Line Sink Di7 Colour Black

RRP £49.99!!

“Cutting edge flylines – only from Airflo”

Length: 35yds/105ft/32m

Sinking: 7″ Per Second

Probably the most popular range of flylines in the UK today, the Sixth Sense range from Airflo is our go to flyline for the majority of Stillwater fishing.  Made popular with by competition boat anglers, the benefits of the Sixth Sense range include Airflo’s unique Power Core technology, a core material so sensitive that it’s the flyfishers equivalent to dyneema super line.

Delta Taper for presentation at distance.

Fly line stretch is a key element in how it performs while casting, line control, take detection and hook set. ultimately if you reduce the stretch, you improve all of these factors, and thus a superior performing fly line.
In recent years, the Bass guys may have borrowed the idea for a low stretch fishing line from us with their obsession for latest super braid lines, but with our Sixth Sense range of fly lines we’re taking the concept back for the fly fisher.
Sixth Sense lines have just 6% stretch compared with the 20% in other manufacturers fly lines… less stretch equals more fish. Discover your Sixth


  • Patented dual layer polyurethane construction improves line performance while
    offering longer line life, UV resistance, and chemical resistant (DEET
  • Low Stretch Power Core for improved line stability during the cast, less line
    memory, unsurpassed take detection, and positive hook set when you connect
    to a fish.
  • Extended front and rear tapers for added distance.
  • 100% PVC free.

You can purchase a fly line on it’s own, or with a braided loop or with
a braided loop and 100yds of 18lb backing please select from he drop down.

Free postage to all UK addresses.


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