Airflo SUPER DRI MiniTip Float/Fast Intermediate 6ft Tip Weight Forward Fly Line

Airflo SUPER DRI MiniTip Float/Fast Intermediate 6ft Tip Weight Forward Fly Line

RRP £44.99!!


“Cutting edge flylines – only from Airflo”

Length: 105ft

Sizes Available (Choose from drop down):

All come with welded loops on both ends of the fly line.

Fly Line Technology Exclusively From Airflo.

Super-DRI technology has been developed for the serious floating angler, featuring a friction reducing coating, which lets the fly line glide through the rod rings and adds yards to your cast.

The Super-DRI’s coating gives unparalleled floatation with the ability to repel water, dirt and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines.

These Low Stretch Power Core sink tips lines allow you to fish at a consistent level in the water column with absolute precision.

This low stretch power core helps set hooks on even the slightest of takes, making them perfect for more imitative styles of fishing.

The Super-DRI Ridge coating makes each line memory free and a joy to handle.

These lines also feature Airflo’s Impact taper design for easy loading and exceptional casting performance at any range.


  • 100% PVC Free.

  • Ridge Tech.

  • Micro Loop.

  • Line TAG.

  • Power CORE.

  • TDC.

  • Flexi LOOP.

  • Zone TECH.

Choose between having just the fly line or fly line with braided loop (comes with sleeve also) or why not have a fly line, braided loop (comes with sleeve) and 100yds of 18lb backing line!

Free Postage for all UK addresses.




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