Airflo Ultra Strong Copolymer Tippet Leader 30m & 50m Various Sizes Fly Fishing

Airflo Ultra Strong  Copolymer Tippet Leader 30m & 50m
Quality Japanese Co-Polymer Tippet Leader material.
Produced especially for the Fly angler, this clear low diameter leader material is ideal for all styles of fly fishing, available in various sizes.
All sizes are spooled on handle pocket size spools measuring only 7cm in diameter and 0.8cm in thickness, the spools incorporate a line holder, to stop line making a mess and coming off the spools.
Premium quality finish for guaranteed knot strength.
Clear colour.
5lb (4X) Length 50m Diameter 0.165mm.
6lb (3X)Length 50m Diameter 0.185mm.
8lb (2X) Length 50m Diameter 0.205mm.
9.5lb (1X) Length 50m Diameter 0.235mm.
10.5lb (0X) Length 50m Diameter 0.26mm.
12lb Length 30m Diameter 0.285mm.
15lb Length 30m Diameter 0.31mm.
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