Dinsmores Float Nets Match Fishing Landing Net Heads 22" (56cm) or 24" (60cm)

Dinsmores Float Nets Match Fishing Landing Net

Code RSF4 & RSF6

This soft fish friendly speci-mesh
landing pan net is designed with built in ‘Float’ to aid net to stay on the top
of the water, but cleverly designed that the float submerges making it easier
to scoop you fish in to the net..

Light weight blue anodized tubular alloy frame withsoft fish friendly
speci-mesh, NEW re-enforced Twin Colour block with standard Brass thread
to fit all landing net handles.


  • Soft
    fish friendly speci-mesh
  • Quality
    Re-enforced Spreader block with Brass Thread
  • Anodized
    Rigid Tubular Alloy Frame
  • Available
    in 22" & 24" frames.

22" Landing Net Frame Length 22", Width 18", Net Depth 14".

24" Landing Net Frame Length 24", Width 18.5", Net Depth 14".

Free Postage to UK addresses

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