Dinsmores Folding Specimen Carp Triangular Speci-Mix Landing Net 42" (105cm)

Dinsmores Folding Specimen Triangular Speci-Mix Landing Net 42" (105cm).

These Folding Landing nets have dual mesh the
one at the side are a larger mesh which removes water quickly while the base is
a smaller mesh designed to protect your catch.

The solid fibreglass arms are capable of landing any size of fish.
the Strong Metal Block is easy to hold when lifting the net out of the water
finished with standard Stainless thread to fit all landing net handles.

  • Solid Metal Block
  • Green Speci-Mix Mesh
  • Fibreglass Strong Arms with protective sleeve
  • 105cm (42") Arms
  • Width at Front 100cm (40")
  • Depth of Net 100cm (40")

Free Postage to all UK addresses.

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