Dinsmores Non Toxic Weed Green Egg Shot 5 Division Shot Dispenser & Shot Pincher

Dinsmores Non Toxic Weed Green Egg
Shot 5 Division Shot Dispenser with Shot Pincher Pliers and Remover.

Dinsmores Egg Shot are revolutionary
in enabiling carp specialists to fine tune rigs.
Removable for precise positioning on hooklinks. secure on the cast and non
abrasive to mono or braid. 
Excellent for use with pop up baits giving accurate presentation. 
Hooklinks can be secured firmly to the bottom avoiding line bites from feeding
Non reflective matt camo colouring

Containing sizes:

  • AAA.
  • BB.
  • No4.
  • No1.
  • No6.

With MDI
Match Fishing Shot Stotz Pincers Pliers and Remover 4" (10cm) Length

Special Designed for Placing and
Removing shot on and off line. Ideal for the anglers with big fingers. these
simple pliers/pincers quickly and effectively squeeze your shot. stotz onto
your fishing line. 

On the other end is another useful tool a shot remover. simply slide your line
down to your shot and squeeze this then opens up the shot for removing to use

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