Maver 10 No4 Lignum Shouldered Stick Fishing Floats 7 1/2" (19.5cm) Pack of 10

Maver 10 No4 Lignum Shouldered Stick Fishing Floats
Length 7 1/2" (19.5cm) Pack of 10

Code H1737x10

This pack of 10 stick floats are
perfect for delicate presentation on rivers.
Offering greater stability for trotting. suited to depths up to 10ft.
Shouldered tip enable floats to be held back without riding up.


  • 7 1/2" extra buoyant shape.
  • 10 No4 shotting.
  • Durable finish.
  • Ideal for trotting on rivers and moving waters.
  • All packs come with 8 high-viz Fire Orange tips & 2 high-viz Yellow tips.
  • British Made.

Non-toxic shot
LG = (3g)
LSG = (2g)
SSG = 2 x AAA shot (1.6g)
AAA = 2 x BB shot (0.8g)
AB = 2 x No1 shot (0.6g)
BB = 2 x No4 shot (0.4g)
No1 = 3 x No6 shot (0.3g)
No3 = 2 x No6 shot ((0.25g)
No4 = 3 x No9 shot (0.2g)
No5 = 2 x No8 shot (0.15g)
No6 = 2 x No10 shot (0.1g)
Legal lead ‘dust/micro’ shot
(Note: The higher the number. the
smaller the shot)
No8 = (0.06g)
No9 = (0.05g)
No10 =(0.04g)
No11 = (0.03g)
No12 = (0.02g)
No13 = (0.01g)

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