Maver 14 No4 Dome Alloy Stem Stick Fishing Floats 8.5" (21.5cm) Pack of 8

Maver 14 No4 Dome Alloy Stem Stick Fishing Floats 8.5″ (21.5cm) Pack of 8


This pack of 8 stick floats is perfect for delicate presentation on rivers.
Offering greater stability for trotting. suited to depths up to 10ft.
Dome tip for better visibility at distance.


  • 8.5″ extra buoyant shape.
  • 14 No4 shotting.
  • Durable finish.
  • Ideal for trotting on rivers and moving waters.
  • All packs come with 6 high-viz Fire Orange tips & 2 high-viz Yellow tips.
  • British Made.

LG = (3g)
LSG = (2g)
SSG = 2 x AAA shot (1.6g)
AAA = 2 x BB shot (0.8g)
AB = 2 x No1 shot (0.6g)
BB = 2 x No4 shot (0.4g)
No1 = 3 x No6 shot (0.3g)
No3 = 2 x No6 shot ((0.25g)
No4 = 3 x No9 shot (0.2g)
No5 = 2 x No8 shot (0.15g)
No6 = 2 x No10 shot (0.1g)
Legal lead ‘dust/micro’ shot
(Note: The higher the number. the
smaller the shot)
No8 = (0.06g)
No9 = (0.05g)
No10 =(0.04g)
No11 = (0.03g)
No12 = (0.02g)
No13 = (0.01g)

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