MDI 1 1/4" (31.5mm) Diameter Protective Tubes -Various Lengths and End Caps

MDI Match 1 1/4″ Dia. Clear Protective Tubes
For Floats/QuiverTips, Various Lengths with End Caps

These Clear Plastic Rod Tubes are ideal for protecting you top kits, with easy view for making selecting the right kit quick and easy.. 

Lengths 30cm (12″), 40cm (15″) & 50cm (20″)
Diameter 1 1/4″ (31.7mm)

Made from tough clear plastic with push-on secure end caps.

(Please note sometimes these tubes come with a green tint, but still see through).

You can easily bespoke the length of these rod tubes with a saw.

Postage to all UK addresses

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