MDI Game Quality White Plastic Catch & Release Tool Trout Fly Fishing Disgorger

MDI Game Quality White
Catch & Release Tool
Trout Fly Fishing Disgorger

Code MD00881

The Catch & Release Tool is designed for quick release without damagingeither the fish or your fly.

Perfect for catch & release, reduces fish mortality by eliminating the need to handle the fish.

Designed not to damage hackles and fly bodies.

Easy to use, hold the line in one hand and place the catch & release tool  in you opposite hand with the line in the slot.

Run the hook remover down the line until the hook/fly is inside the catch & release tool  head, use a quick thrust against the fish to
dislodge the hook, then remove the hook/fly with it inserted in the catch & release tools head.

Quality hard plastic for long life.

length 6 1/4″ (16cm).
Quick and easy to use.

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