MDI Game Salmon Spey Full Length 40yds Floating Fishing Fly Lines -Blue & White

MDI Game Salmon Spey Full
Length 40yds Spey Floating Fishing Fly Lines Colour -Blue & White


Excellent all-round performance for distance overhead and spey casting.

These lines cast extremely efficiently, minimizing effort and maximizing

Quality materials provide a line that is durable, supple and exceptionally
smooth running, twin Blue – White colour helps identify line pick up point for
easier more accurate casting.

Length 40yds.

7-8 Wt Head Length 48ft Ideal rod length 12ft
8-9 Wt Head Length 52ft Ideal rod length 13ft
9-10 Wt Head Length 56ft Ideal rod length 14ft
10-11 Wt Head Length 60ft Ideal rod length 15ft

Endorsed by distance and casting instructor
Dave Hughes.

Free Postage for UK addresses


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