MDI Match Chair Fishing Up & Over Pole Rod Rests fits Round Seat Box Legs Blue

MDI Match Fishing Up & Over Pole Rod Rests fits Square/Round Seat Box Legs Blue

You receive 2 rests.

Versatile rests that will fit round chair & round seatbox legs.    

Length 7" (17cm).

Clamp opens fully to easily fit around chair legs. 

Will fit most chair & seatboxes round legs.   

Suitable for all Coarse Fisherman and Match Anglers. 

Easy to fit Rod Rest Arms. simply fits to legs and secures with thumb screw.

Hands Free. hold your rod or pole securely when placed in both rests 

With Built in head adjuster. to ensure rod rest etc are in the correct position.

*Free Postage to all UK addresses only.

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