MDI Pack of 3 Fast-Cast Weight Forward Fly Lines -Float, Intermediate & Sink

MDI Assorted Pack of 3 Fast Cast Weight Forward Fly Lines -Float,
Intermediate & Sink British Made

These fly lines have are excellent value for money, designed for the UK, full
lines that cast with little effort.

Available with or without loops, please select from drop down size and with(you
will receive 3 loops per pack) or without loops.

Weight Forward Line: Best all round taper! Easiest to cast because most of the
weight is carried in the front section of the line. The preferred choice when
distance is most important.

The floating line is best for fishing on or near the surface and is the first choice of most fly

The Intermediate line is an ideal choice for all kinds of venues and situations, especially when
there is a decent ripple on the water which puts natural baits like insects to
break the water surface film to where you would be fishing with an Intermediate

A Sinking line is needed when fish are feeding more than a few feet below the surface, you can
fish different depths by allowing the line time to sink (the longer you leave before retrieving the deeper it goes).

Colours may vary.

Free Postage for all UK addresses

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