MDI QF Specialist Midge Tip Weight Forward Full Length Fly Fishing Lines WF5-WF8

MDI QF Specialist Midge Tip Weight Forward Quality Full Length
Fly Fishing Lines Sizes WF5-WF8


They say the most effective catching zone in stillwaters is within the top 6ft
of water, so to take advantage of this our QF Midge Tip Fly Line has been specially
designed for this task with it’s 3-4ft sinking tip section (approx 1.5-1.75
Inches Per Second).

These are a must have line for any Stillwater angler and are a perfect for
fishing nymphs, buzzers and emergers.

The suppleness and performance that you would expect to find in lines that cost
much, much more.

These lines are easy to load and simple to cast with a good hook setting

The special braid core ensures this line loads easily for long, smooth casts
and great line presentation.

Choose between having just the fly line or fly line with braided loop (comes
with sleeve also) or why not have a fly line, braided loop (comes with sleeve)
and 100yds of 18lb backing line!

Weight Forward Line: Best all round taper! Easiest to cast because most of the
weight is carried in the front section of the line. The preferred choice when
distance is most important.

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