MDI QF-Specialist Weight Forward Hi-Float Full Fly Fishing Lines Sz4-9# Floating

MDI QF-Specialist Weight Forward Hi-Float Quality Full Fly
Fishing Lines

Size 4-9 Floating

Designed for modern advances in rod technology, these line sit on the water a
lot higher allowing you to present your fly gently and accurately. This design
also lets you connect with your takes, enabling a quicker hook set and putting
more fish on the bank, along with a cleaner lift for easy pin point casting.

These lines are easy to load and simple to cast with a good hook setting
ability. In Hi-Viz Orange for easy detection.

The special braid core ensures this line loads easily for long, smooth casts
and great line presentation.

Choose between having just the fly line or fly line with braided loop (comes
with sleeve also) or why not have a fly line, braided loop (comes with sleeve)
and 75yds of backing line!

A floating line is best for fishing on
or near the surface and is the first choice of most fly fishermen.

Weight Forward Line: Best all round taper! Easiest to cast because most of the
weight is carried in the front section of the line. The preferred choice when
distance is most important.

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