Northern Sport Weight Forward 7 Intermediate WF7I Colour Mahogany 1.0 inches/sec

Northern Sport Weight Forward 6 Intermediate WF7I Colour Mahogany 1.0 inches/sec

Code NS-WF7I

These Northern Sport Aquanova Intermediate lines are a top quality full 30 yard fly line with specially designed taper with enables you to cast the line
effortlessly. these line also come complete with a braid backing and a tapered leader.

A Intermediate line is designed to meet the specialist requirements in copy with the problem of flat calm and wake-free situations.
When fish are feeding a few feet down these lines enable the fisherman to have almost complete control of the precise depth below the surface at which the flies are fished.

Weight Forward Line: Best all round taper! Easiest to cast because most of the
weight is carried in the front section of the line. The preferred choice when
distance is most important.


  • Intermediate line
  • 1 inch per second sinking rate
  • Full 30 yard line
  • Colour Mahogany
  • With Braid backing line
  • Tapered Cast included.

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