Northern Sport Weight Forward 8 Sink Tip WF8ST Orange-Grey 30 yards Fly Line

Northern Sport Weight Forward 8 Sink Tip WF8ST
Colour Orange-Grey 30 yards Fly Line


These Northern Sport Aquanova Intermediate lines are a top quality full 30 yard fly line with specially designed taper with enables you to cast the line
effortlessly. these line also come complete with a braid backing and a tapered leader.

When fishing Sub-Surface in deep or fast moving water sink tip lines often the best choice.
They get your fly down deep into the feeding zone while giving you the ability to mend the line for a natural dift.
The fast sinking tip compliments weighted flies for precision depth control.
The high floating rear section allows you to mend line while watching for strike indicators where the line breaks the waters surface.
This is the ultimate line for fishing streamers. nymphs. wets and lures in fast or deep water.

Weight Forward Line: Best all round taper! Easiest to cast because most of the
weight is carried in the front section of the line. The preferred choice when
distance is most important.


  • Intermediate line
  • 10-12ft Sink Tip
  • Full 30 yard line
  • Colour Orange and Grey tip.
  • With Braid backing line
  • Tapered Cast included.

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