Pack of 5 A&E Straight Waggler Floats - Shotting 5BB (5 3/4") FIRE ORANGE TIP

Ultra Straight Waggler Floats 5.75" 

Pack of 5 – Shotting 5BB

Code A&E-5BBx5R

Suitable for all-round applications on stillwaters. lakes rivers and


  • Built to last Durable Wagglers with hi quality finish.
  • Length 5.75".
  • All round applications for river and stillwater.
  • Thick Tip for Easier to read true bites.
  • Pack of 5.
  • Pack contains 5 Fire-Orange Tips.
  • Size: – 5BB

Free Postage for UK addresse

*These floats have incorrect shotting marked on them. state 3 No4 but shot at 5BB*

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