Ultra Set of 4 Missile Bodied Waggler Match Fishing Floats 5BB,7BB, 5AAA, 3.5SSG

Ultra Set of 4 Missile Bodied Waggler Match Fishing Floats 5BB. 7BB. 5AAA & 3.5SSG with Float Tube

The large buoyant balsa body on this float gives a
greater weight capacity to enable longer casting. while simultaneously. the
medium diameter tip with sight markers (ideal for lift bites) gives good bite

The length of these bodied wagglers give them superb stability in
windy and choppy conditions.

The swivel ring at the base makes the float less likely
to tangle.

Buoyant Balsa Body
5BB. 7BB. 5AAA. 3.5SSG shotting.

8". 9". 9.5" & 10.5".
Durable finish.
Fitted with Swivel eye.
With high-viz Fire Orange tips with sight markers.

British Made.


LG = (3g)
LSG = (2g)
SSG = 2 x AAA shot (1.6g)
AAA = 2 x BB shot (0.8g)
AB = 2 x No1 shot (0.6g)
BB = 2 x No4 shot (0.4g)
No1 = 3 x No6 shot (0.3g)
No3 = 2 x No6 shot ((0.25g)
No4 = 3 x No9 shot (0.2g)
No5 = 2 x No8 shot (0.15g)
No6 = 2 x No10 shot (0.1g)

Legal lead ‘dust/micro’ shot
(Note: The higher the number. the smaller the shot)

No8 = (0.06g)
No9 = (0.05g)
No10 =(0.04g)
No11 = (0.03g)
No12 = (0.02g)
No13 = (0.01g)

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